2005 Sermon Audio Files

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December 2005
25th8:00 AM"Christmas Message"Curt Sparks
18th8:00 AM"Learning to Listen To The Right Voices"Curt Sparks
18th5:30 PM"Being Shepards"John Roberts
11th8:00 AM"Don't Look Now, But Your Being Pursued"Curt Sparks
4th8:00 AM"A Cross Shaped Church!"Curt Sparks
November 2005
27th8:00 AM"A Surprising Fishing Story and Sensational Savior"Curt Sparks
27th5:30 PM"In Search of Happiness: Listening to the Voice of Experience"Curt Sparks
22nd7:00 PM"Thanksgiving Devotion"Curt Sparks
20th8:00 AM"Mission Report"Dino Tzanetos
20th5:30 PM"Joint Services"Various Speakers
13th8:00 AM"In The Shelter of Your Winds"John Mark Hicks
6th8:00 AM"When You Can See God Is All You Need"Curt Sparks
6th5:30 PM"Defeating Temptation"Curt Sparks
October 2005
30th8:00 AM"Going Through The Fire Without Getting Amnesia!"Curt Sparks
30th5:30 PM"Choosing Go in the Crisis"Curt Sparks
23rd8:00 AM"Jonah: Fishy Discipleship At Its Best"Curt Sparks
23rd5:30 AM"The Honoring of A Faithful Heart"Curt Sparks
16th8:00 AM"Peter: Rock Formation By God"Curt Sparks
16th5:30 PM"Growing Deep"Curt Sparks
9th8:00 AM"Moses: God's Story of Shaping for Service"Curt Sparks
2nd8:00 AM"Mission Report"David French
2nd5:30 PM"Until Christ Is Formed in You"James Wood
September 2005
25th8:00 AM"You Can Make A Difference"Joe Godley
25th5:30 PM"My Favorite Jesus Story"Various Speakers
18th8:00 AM"Slapping The Hands of Potter"Curt Sparks
18th5:30 PM"Katrina"Curt Sparks
11th8:00 AM"A God Not Far"Dr. Gary Holloway
11th9:30 AM"Bible Class"Dr. Gary Holloway
11th5:30 AM"Be Still and Know That I Am God"Curt Sparks
4th10:45 AM"As Seemed Best To Him: Confidently Resting in the Hands of the Potter"Curt Sparks
4th5:30 PM"Be Still And Know That I Am God"Curt Sparks
August 2005
28th8:00 AM"God's Goal: Shaping "Perfect" Pots!"Curt Sparks
28th5:30 PM"The Joy of Growing Old in the Lord"Curt Sparks
21st8:00 AM"The Potter's Hands"Curt Sparks
21st10:45 AM"The Potter's Hands"Curt Sparks
21st5:30 PM"Agape"David Jordan
17th7:00 PM"Worship in A Postmodern Culture"Chris Altrock
14th8:00 AM"Connecting to the Vine"Jim Hinkle
10th7:00 PM"Worship in the American Movement"John Mark Hicks
7th8:00 AM"Living Truth"Curt Sparks
7th10:45 AM"Living Truth"Curt Sparks
7th5:30 PM"Kicking and Culivating Habits"Curt Sparks
3rd7:00 PM"Church Music: Treasures Old and New"Curt Sparks
July 2005
31st8:00 AM"Living in the Father's Forgiveness"Curt Sparks
31st5:30 PM"Build Up or Shut Up!"Curt Sparks
27th7:00 PM"Worship as Confession and Lament"Curt Sparks
24th8:00 AM"Gratitude Is An Attitude"Curt Sparks
24th5:30 PM"Does Your Faith Have Children?"Kip Long
20th7:00 PM"Worshipping God With Head, Heart, and Hands"Mark Powell
17th8:00 AM"To Party or Not To Party: That's The Question"Curt Sparks
17th10:45 AM"To Party or Not To Party: That's The Question"Curt Sparks
17th5:30 PM"Keeping Your Balance In A World That Seems So Bad"Curt Sparks
13th7:00 PM"Women and Worship in the New Testament"Rick Oster
10th8:00 AM"The God Who Loves to Party"Curt Sparks
3rd8:00 AM"The Caveman"Keith Fussell
3rd5:30 PM"Stories of Jesus"James Wood & Eric Davenport
June 2005
29th7:00 PM"Developing A Family Devotional Life"Jim Hinkle
26th8:00 AM"Defeating the Sin of Doing Nothing"Curt Sparks
12th8:00 AM"Temptation Discovering Your Dark Side"Curt Sparks
8th7:00 PM"The God We Worship"Mark Powell
5th8:00 AM"Sin: The Choice To Replace God"Curt Sparks
5th5:30 PM"The God Who Is Moved By Repentant Hearts"Curt Sparks
1st7:00 PM"Why Worship? A Theology of Worship"Mark Powell
May 2005
22nd8:00 AM"Viewing Sin Through God's Eyes-Romans 5:1-11" 
1st8:00 AM"Sin: The Infection of the Soul" 
April 2005
17th8:00 AM"Sin: The Destroyer of God's Shalom" 
17thClass"Marriage Tune-UP"|Keith Fussell/Peter Horn
10th8:00 AM"The Man From Behind the Grave" 
10th10:45 AM"The Man From Behind the Grave" 
3rd8:00 AM"The Thrill of Victory and The Glory of Deceit!" 
3rd5:30 PM"Home Group Special" 
March 2005
27th8:00 AM"The Resurrection-The Ultimate Answer!"|Curt Sparks
20th8:00 AM"I Know Whom I Believed!"Curt Sparks
20th5:30 PM"The Battle Belongs to the Lord"Steve Cloer
13th8:00 AM"Give Us This Daily Bread"Jerry Rushford
13th10:45 AM"Give Us This Daily Bread"Jerry Rushford
6th8:00 AM"Making God's Dream Our Dream"Mark Powell
February 2005
27th8:00 AM"The God Who Steps Out on Faith" 
27th5:30 PM"Remember" 
20th8:00 AM"Introduction to Inglesio de Christo" 
13th8:00 AM"Faith: The Key to Home Improvement" 
13th10:45 AM"Faith: The Key to Home Improvement" 
6th5:30 PM"Love One Another" 
January 2005
30th5:30 PM"Formed in the Desert" 
23rd8:00 AM"Faith: The Key to Christian Living" 
23rd10:45 AM"Faith: The Key to Christian Living" 
16th8:00 AM"Faith: The Key to Salvation" 
16th5:30 PM"When Repentance is the Genuine Article" 
9th8:00 AM"Faith: The Key to Death-Hebrews 2:14-18" 
9th9:30 AM"Being Transformed into His Likeness: The Gospel of Mark"Dr. Allen Black
2nd8:00 AM"Choosing Faith for the New Year" 
2nd5:30 PM"Ephesians Chapter 4"