2010 Sermon Audio Files

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December 2010
26th8:00 AM"Year End Message"Jim Coleman
19th8:00 AM"When the Silenced Sing"Josh Ross
12th8:00 AM"The Song of Revolution"Josh Ross
5th11:00 AM"Great Expectations"Jim Hinkle
November 2010
28th8:00 AM"Between the Doors"Jonathan Storment
21st8:00 AM"Church Resurrected"Josh Ross
14th8:00 AM"Can Creation Unite?"Josh Ross
7th8:00 AM"Motion: Give Me Home"Josh Ross
October 2010
31st8:00 AM"When Creation Goes Bad"Josh Ross
24th8:00 AM"Missionary to Greece"Dino Tzanetos
17th8:00 AM"The Not Good in Creation"Josh Ross
10thCLASS"Agape Survey Results"Josh Ross & Willie Holcomb
10th8:00 AM"Motion: Created to Rest & Work"Josh Ross
3rd8:00 AM"Motion: Made in His Image"Josh Ross
September 2010
26th8:00 AM"Give Me Your Eyes"Scott McDowell
19th8:00 AM"The Goodness in Creation"Josh Ross
12th8:00 AM"In The Beginning"Josh Ross
5th11:00 AM"Motion"Josh Ross
August 2010
29th8:00 AM"Portable Temples"Josh Ross
22nd8:00 AM"A Walk to Remember"Rick Ross
15th8:00 AM"TAG ... Restore the Order"Josh Ross
8th8:00 AM"Youth Mission Review"Jim Hinkle
1st8:00 AM"TAG ... You're It!"Josh Ross
July 2010
25th8:00 AM"Unchained ... Spiritual Inventory"Josh Ross
18th8:00 AM"Unchained ... the fruit of self-control"Josh Ross
11th8:00 AM"Unchained ... Gentleness"Josh Ross
4th8:00 AM"Unchained... Faithfulness"Josh Ross
June 2010
27th11:00 AM"Unchained ... Living the Good Life"Josh Ross
20th11:00 AM"Living ... Kindness"Josh Ross
13th8:00 AM"Unchained ... living with patienceJosh Ross
6th8:00 AM"Unchained... to live in peace"Josh Ross
May 2010
30th11:00 AM"UNCHAINED ... to perform joy"Josh Ross
23rd8:00 AM"Unchained ... to love relentlessly"Josh Ross
16th8:00 AM"Unchained by Love"Josh Ross
9th11:00 AM" Unchained "Josh Ross
2nd11:00 AM"Senior Sunday 2010"Josh Ross
April 2010
25th8:00 AM"Extreme Homes Make-Over"Josh Ross
18th8:00 AM"Psalm 127"Keith Fussell
11th8:00 AM"Water, Bread & Wine: What Else Do We Need?"Josh Ross
4th11:00 AM" Life To Ashes"Josh Ross
2nd6:30 PM"Good Friday"Josh Ross
March 2010
28thCLASS"A Christian's Introduction to the Passover"John Herzog
28th8:00 AM"When Jesus Made the Wrong Turn"Josh Ross
21st8:00 AM" Biblical Leadership Part 2 "Josh Ross
14th8:00 AM" Biblical Leadership Part 1"Josh Ross
7th8:00 AM"Encountering Christ"Josh Ross
February 2010
28th11:00 AM"When Life Ships You An Empty Box"Mark Taylor
21st8:00 AM"Finding Community"Josh Ross
14th8:00 AM"Impacting Through Compassion"Josh Ross
7th8:00 AM"Impacting Through Compassion"Jim Hinkle
January 2010
31st8:00 AM"Service canceled for weather"Josh Ross
24th8:00 AM"SVC Vision-Living the Commission"Josh Ross
17th8:00 AM"SVC Vision"Josh Ross
10th8:00 AM"The Spirit Intercedes"Josh Ross
3rd8:00 AM"The Pursuit of Purpose"Josh Ross