2012 Sermon Audio Files

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December 2012
30th8:15 AM"Looking Ahead"Josh Ross
30th8:15 AM"Looking Back"Josh Ross
23rd8:15 AM"Immanuel: Thriving from Herod's Shadow"Josh Ross
16th8:15 AM"Immanuel: The Name Above All Names"Josh Ross
9th8:15 AM"Immanuel: Up Close and Personal"Josh Ross
2nd8:15 AM"Restore: All Hands on Deck"Josh Ross
November 2012
25th8:15 AM"Restore: Sabbatical Reflections of Restoration"Mark Taylor
18th8:15 AM"Restore: The Book God Breathed"Josh Ross
11th8:15 AM"Restore: Building Healthy Walls"Josh Ross
4th8:15 AM"Restore: Vision Has a Price"Josh Ross
October 2012
28th8:15 AM"Restore: Gardens and Weddings"Josh Ross
21st8:15 AM"Zambia Missions"David French
14th8:15 AM"Restore: No More God Evading"Josh Ross
7th8:15 AM"Restore: The Restoration of All Things"Josh Ross
September 2012
30th8:15 AM"Restore: Retuned with God"Josh Ross
23rd8:15 AM"Restore: A Heart Full with God's Abundance"Josh Ross
16th11:00 AM"Restore: No Turning BackJosh Ross
9th8:15 AM"Restore: A Return to Life "Josh Ross
2nd11:00AM"Finishing Well"Josh Ross
August 2012
26th8:15 AM"1st and 10: Empty Hands"Josh Ross
19th8:15 AM"1st and 10: Spiritual Discipline of Generosity Part 2Eric Wilson
12th8:15 AM"1st and 10: Spiritual Discipline of Generosity Part 1 "Eric Wilson
5th8:15 AM"1st and 10: Imitating a Generous God"Josh Ross
July 2012
29th8:15 AM"Entry Points: Living in the Grace Zone"Josh Ross
22nd8:15 AM"Entry Points: How to Speak to God"Josh Ross
15th8:15 AM"Entry Points: Reclaiming the MaketplaceJosh Ross
8th8:15 AM"Entry Points: People Matter to God"Josh Ross
1st8:15 AM"Entry Points: Graciously Commissioned"Josh Ross
June 2012
24th8:15 AM"Entry Points: Introduction"Josh Ross
24th8:15 AM"Citizens of the Kingdom: Ambassadors"Josh Ross
17th8:15 AM"Citizens of the Kingdom: Jesus is for Losers"Josh Ross
10th8:15 AM"Citizens of the Kingdom: Aroma of Christ"Eric Wilson
3rd8:15 AM"Citizens of the Kingdom: The Church Made Up of Saints"Josh Ross
May 2012
27th8:15 AM"Citizens of the Kingdom: Friends of God"Josh Ross
20th8:15 AM"Citizens of the Kingdom: Aliens and Strangers"Josh Ross
13th11:00 AM"Citizens of the Kingdom: The Adopted of God"Josh Ross
6th8:15 AM"Citizens of the Kingdom: Jars of Clay"Jerry Taylor
April 2012
29th8:15 AM"Citizens of the Kingdom: The Way"Josh Ross
22nd8:15 AM"Citizens of the Kingdom: Children of God"Josh Ross
15th8:15 AM"Citizens of the Kingdom: New Creation"Josh Ross
8th8:15 AM"Your Kingdom Come: The Perfect Storm"Josh Ross
1st8:15 AM"Your Kingdom Come: The Power of Christ"Josh Ross
March 2012
25th11:00 AM"Your Kingdom Come: Take a Drink"Josh Ross
18th11:00 AM"Your Kingdom Come: In Pressing on Wait"Eric Wilson
11th11:00 AM"Your Kingdom Come: Awake"Josh Ross
4th8:15 AM"Your Kingdom Come: Parades & Gardens"Josh Ross
February 2012
26th8:15 AM"Your Kingdom Come: When Jesus Declares War"Josh Ross
19th8:15 AM"Your Kingdom Come: Total Dependence"Josh Ross and Eric Wilson
12th8:15 AM"Your Kingdom Come: Jesus and Traditions"Josh Ross
5th11:00 AM"Your Kingdom Come: Not Defined by Grief"Josh Ross
January 2012
29th8:15 AM"Your Kingdom Come: I Christian Now What?"Josh Ross
22nd8:15 AM"Your Kingdom Come: The Kingdom is Near"Scott McDowell
15th8:15 AM"Your Kingdom Come: When Forgiveness Creates Tension"Josh Ross
8th8:15 AM"Your Kingdom Come: Jesus Rebukes Chaos"Josh Ross
1st8:15 AM"A New Year"Jim Hinkle