2015 Sermon Audio Files

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December 2015
27th8:15 AM"Anticipating the Future Movement of God"Josh Ross
20th8:15 AM"Stepping into His World"Josh Ross
13th8:15 AM"The God of Uncertainty"Josh Ross
6th8:15 AM"God of the Unexpected"Jim Hinkle
November 2015
29th8:15 AM"The Scandal of Redemption"Jonathan Storment
22nd8:15 AM"The Runner"Chris Simpson
15th11:00 AM"Practical Wisdom"Dave Clayton
8th8:15 AM"A Voice for the Fatherless"Mark Ottinger
1st8:15 AM"Patience and Endurance"Mark Taylor
October 2015
25th11:00 AM"Pray It Forward"Josh Ross
18th8:15 AM"Faith in Action"Josh Ross
11th8:15 AM"Mercy > Judgement"Josh Ross
4th8:15 AM"Taming the Tongue"Josh Ross
September 2015
27th11:00 AM"Looking in the Mirror"Josh Ross
27thCLASS"Combined Class"Josh Ross
20th8:15 AM"The Giver of Good Things: Not Trials"Josh Ross
13th8:15 AM"Be Wealthy Where It Counts"Josh Ross
6th8:15 AM"Lack Wisdom? Ask for It."Josh Ross
August 2015
30th8:15 AM"Clinging to Hope"Josh Ross
23rd8:15 AM"Introduction Faith Works"Josh Ross
16th11:00 AM"Reversed Thunder"Josh Ross
9th8:15 AM"Aiming for God's Heart"Josh Ross
2nd8:15 AM"When God Shrinks Distance"Josh Ross
July 2015
26th8:15 AM"Pressing Forward in Hope"Josh Ross
19th8:15 AM"Skipping Meetings"Mark Taylor
12th8:15 AM"In the Gap between Life & Death"Eric Wilson
5th8:15 AM"The Spirit Intercedes"Josh Ross
June 2015
28thCLASS"Combined Class:Baptism"Josh Ross
28th8:15 AM"Intercession: Speak YES to Jesus"Josh Ross
21st8:15 AM"Intercession: Creating Meetings Between God & People"Josh Ross
14th8:15 AM"The Church with a Strong Heart"Josh Ross
7th8:15 AM"The Church is Still God's Idea"Josh Ross
May 2015
31st11:00 AM"The Church that Smells"Mark Taylor
24th8:15 AM"The Church of "Different""Josh Ross
17th8:15 AM"Senior Sunday 2015"Jim Hinkle
17th8:15 AM"Love Works"Josh Ross
10th8:15 AM"The Church as Family"Josh Ross
3rd11:00 AM"When A Church Loves It's City-Panel"Josh Ross
3rd8:15 AM"When A Church Loves It's City-Sermon"Josh Ross
April 2015
26th8:15 AM"The Church Runs on Water & Wine"Josh Ross
19th8:15 AM"The Problem with "I Love Jesus But Not The Church""Josh Ross
12th8:15 AM"Why Church?"Josh Ross
5th8:15 AM"Jesus Beat Death"Josh Ross
March 2015
29th8:15 AM"Jesus and His Invitation List"Josh Ross
22nd8:15 AM"The Pillar of Remembrance"Josh Ross
15th8:15 AM"A Bad Dinner Guest"Eric Wilson
8th8:15 AM"Reclining at HIS Table"Josh Ross
1st8:15 AM"An Abundance of Food and Grace"Josh Ross
February 2015
22nd8:15 AM"Why Jesus Liked to Eat"Josh Ross
15th11:00 AM"A Sustainable Pace in Life"Josh Ross
8th8:15 AM"LORD OF ALL (yes, even your vocation)"Josh Ross
1st8:15 AM"God's Peace: My Stress, Worry, and Fear"Josh Ross
January 2015
28th7:00 PM"Encounter With God"Evertt Huffard
25th8:15 AM"When God Goes to Work"Josh Ross
18th8:15 AM"The Measure of Success"Rick Ross
11th8:15 AM"Our Work Matters to God, and God Matters to Our Work"Josh Ross
4thCLASS"Combined Class"Verlon Harper
4th11:00 AM"Empowered by God, Through God, and for God"Josh Ross