2018 Sermon Audio Files

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December 2018
30th10:15 AM"Restored"Chris Jackson
23rd10:15 AM"Longing: Messy Christmas"Josh Ross
16th10:15 AM"Longing: When Deliverance Arrives"Josh Ross
9th10:15 AM"Longing: The Taste Test"Rick Ross
2nd10:15 AM"Longing: Waiting with Hope"Josh Ross
November 2018
25th10:15 AM"Re-Focus: The One Thing"Josh Ross
18th10:15 AM"Re-Focus: The Greatest of All"Josh Ross
11th10:15 AM"Re-Focus: Formation"Josh Ross
4th10:15 AM"Re-Focus: More Than A Show"Josh Ross
October 2018
28th10:15 AM"Re-Focus: Scattering Seeds"Jim Hinkle
21st10:15 AM"Re-Focus: Words in Action"Josh Ross
14th10:15 AM"Re-Focus: When Grief Lingers"Josh Ross
7th10:15 AM"Re-Focus: Accessible Power"Josh Ross
September 2018
30th10:15 AM"The Lord of Rest"Josh Ross
23rd10:15 AM"Bearing Unnecessary Weight"Josh Ross
16th10:15 AM"Uproot: Anger"Eric Gentry
9th10:15 AM"Re-Focus: Departing into Prayer"Josh Ross
2nd10:15 AM"Re-Focus: Jesus, Power, and Worship Wars"Josh Ross
August 2018
26th10:15 AM"Re-Focus: Follow Me"Josh Ross
19th10:15 AM"Re-Focus: It Is Good News (Not Good Advice)"Josh Ross
12th10:15 AM"Re-Focus: Introduction"Josh Ross
5th10:15 AM"Bible Tweets: Work in Progress"Jim Hinkle
July 2018
29th10:15 AM"Bible Tweets: Detours"Mark Taylor
22nd10:15 AM"Bible Tweets: Power in the Forgotten"Josh Ross
15th10:15 AM"Bible Tweets: What's in a Name"Josh Ross
8th10:15 AM"Bible Tweets: Active Love"Josh Ross
1st10:15 AM"Bible Tweets: The Contagious Spread of Freedoms"Josh Ross
June 2018
24th10:15 AM"Bible Tweets: Why the Shortest Books in the Bible Matter"Josh Ross
17th10:15 AM"Christ in Culture: Traveling Light"Josh Ross
10th10:15 AM"Christ in Culture: Living for the Praise of God's Glory"Josh Ross
3rd10:15 AM"Christ in Culture: Holy Strangers"Josh Ross
May 2018
27th10:15 AM"Christ in Culture: My Story, My Song"Kip Long
20th10:15 AM"Christ in Culture: Church Unleashed"Josh Ross
13th10:15 AM"Christ in Culture Introduction"Josh Ross
6th10:15 AM"Love Risks"Josh Ross
April 2018
30th10:15 AM"A Greater LoveJosh Ross
23rd10:15 AM"Partnering with God"Josh Ross
16th10:15 AM"Love First"Don McLaughin
9th10:15 AM"Love Moves"Josh Ross
1st10:15 AM"Dark Friday: Evil Dismantled"Josh Ross
March 2018
25th10:15 AM"Dark Friday: The Cross Speaks"Josh Ross
18th10:15 AM"Dark Friday: The Gospel That Can Really Change Us"Jim Martin
11th10:15 AM"Dark Friday: Power in the Blood"Josh Ross
4th10:15 AM"Dark Friday: Dying for Change"Josh Ross
February 2018
25th10:15 AM"Dark Friday: Shattered"Josh Ross
18th10:15 AM"Dark Friday: Introduction"Josh Ross
11th10:15 AM"A Submission Competition"Josh Ross
4th10:15 AM"Relationships, Rejection, and Regrets"Josh Ross
January 2018
28th10:15 AM"Everything in Common"Paul Fisher
21st10:15 AM"Multi-Generational Community"Josh Ross
14th10:15 AM"Tears, Table-Turning, & Fig Trees"Josh Ross
7th10:15 AM"Wired for Connection: Introduction"Josh Ross