2009 Sermon Video Files

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December 2009 [VIDEO]
27th8:00 AM"God...yesterday...today and tomorrow"Mark Taylor
20th8:00 AM"Life Through Pain"Josh Ross
13th8:00 AM"Singing Songs of Salvation"Josh Ross
6TH8:00 AM"Annointed Unity"Josh Ross
November 2009 [VIDEO]
29th8:00 AM"Lord, Make Me Hungry"Josh Ross
22nd8:00 AM"Count Your Blessings"Tom Alexander
15th8:00 AM"King of Glory"Josh Ross
8th8:00 AM"Mourning into Dancing"Josh Ross
1st8:00 AM"Living the Hallelujah"Josh Ross
October 2009 [VIDEO]
25th8:00 AM"David & Bathsheba"Josh Ross
18th8:00 AM"Missionary to Zambia"David French
11th8:00 AM"Smelling Like Sheep"Josh Ross
4th11:00 AM"Dusting Off the Hymnals"Josh Ross
September 2009 [VIDEO]
27th8:00 AM"Living as Saved"Josh Ross
20th11:00 AM"Ministers of Reconciliation"Lee Camp
13th9:30 AM"Class"Larry James
13th8:00 AM"Communion Talk"Larry James
13th11:00 AM"Catch and Release"Josh Ross
6th11:00 AM"Discovering the Holiness in Nature"Josh Ross
August 2009 [VIDEO]
30th8:00 AM"Be Imitators of God"Josh Ross
23rd11:00 AM"Jesus Simplified"Mark Taylor
16th8:00 AM"Evangelism Outside the Box"Josh Ross
9th11:00 AM"Teen Testimonies"Various Speakers
9th11:00 AM"Communion"Jim Hinkle
9th11:00 AM"Jesus in the Marketplace"Josh Ross
2nd8:00 AM"Growing Pains"Josh Ross
July 2009 [VIDEO]
26th8:00 AM"Temptations Wear Halo's"Josh Ross
19th8:00 AM"Practicing Forgiveness"Josh Ross
12th11:00 AM"Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread"Josh Ross
12th8:00 AM"Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread"Josh Ross
5th8:00 AM"Your Kingdom Come"Josh Ross
June 2009 [VIDEO]
28th8:00 AM"Hallowed Be Your Name"Josh Ross
21st8:00 AM"Praying in the Reign"Josh Ross
14th8:00 AM"Learning How to Fight"Josh Ross
7th8:00 AM"The Gospel is for Risk Takers"Josh Ross
May 2009 [VIDEO]
31st8:00 AM"Converted Again"Josh Ross
24th11:00 AM"Open Our Eyes, Lord"Josh Ross
17th11:00 AM"Turning Point"Jim Hinkle
17th8:00 AM"Turning Point"Jacob Parnell
10th8:00 AM"Mary, the Mother of Jesus"John Mark Hicks
3rd8:00 AM"Down to the River to Pray"Josh Ross
April 2009 [VIDEO]
26th11:00 AM"Turning Backs to the Church"Josh Ross
19th11:00 AM"Be Still"Eric Newsome
12th11:00 AM"Easter Sunday"Josh Ross
12th11:00 AM"Cardboard Testimonies"Various Persons
5th11:00 AM"The Power of the Cross"Josh Ross
March 2009 [VIDEO]
29th8:00 AM"Wrestling in Prayer"Josh Ross
22nd8:00 AM"Lord Teach Me to Weep"Josh Ross
15th8:00 AM"In God We Trust"Jerry Taylor
8th8:00 AM"Eyes Wide Open"Josh Ross
1st8:00 AM"No Service"NA
February 2009 [VIDEO]
22nd11:00 AM"Lord's Supper"Ty Jones
22nd8:00 AM"Lord's Supper"Ty Jones
22nd8:00 AM"The Faith of a Child"Josh Ross
15th8:00 AM"Reframing Humility"Josh Ross
8th8:00 AM"Lacking One Thing"Josh Ross & Josh Graves
1st8:00 AM"Living in a Dog-Eat-Dog-World"Josh Ross
January 2009 [VIDEO]
25th8:00 AM"TBA"Josh Ross
18th8:00 AM"Lost and Found"Josh Ross
11th8:00 AM"Table Talk"Josh Ross
4th8:00 AM"Dangerous Prayers"Josh Ross
4th8:00 AM"Reframing Suffering"Josh Ross