2013 Sermon Video Files

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Some Videos used during the service and as a part of the sermon can be found under Special Events.

December 2013 [VIDEO]
29th8:15 AM"Equip the Saints: The Phrase that Keeps Coming"Josh Ross
22nd8:15 AM"Equip the Saints: A Trade Worth Keeping"Josh Ross
15th8:15 AM"Equip the Saints: Learning Jesus"Josh Ross
8th8:15 AM"Equip the Saints: He Just Keeps Coming"Eric Wilson
1st8:15 AM"Equip the Saints: All in All"Josh Ross
November 2013 [VIDEO]
24th8:15 AM"Equip the Saints: Theology on it's Knees"Josh Ross
17th8:15 AM"Equip the Saints: The Church as Witness"Josh Ross
10th8:15 AM"Equip the Saints: Access 2"Josh Ross
3rd8:15 AM"Equip the Saints: Access"Josh Ross
October 2013 [VIDEO]
29th8:15 AM"Equip the Saints: Reconciliation in the body of Christ"Eric Wilson
20th8:15 AM"Equip the Saints: Mission Sunday"Josh Ross
13th8:15 AM"Equip the Saints: Equipped with a Glorious Identity"Eric Wilson
6th8:15 AM"Equip the Saints: When Truth is Set to Music"Josh Ross
September 2013 [VIDEO]
29th8:15 AM"Equipt the Saints: God's Material"Josh Ross
22nd8:15 AM"Equip the Saints"Josh Ross
15th8:15 AM"Forgotten God: Living from the Overflow"Josh Ross
8th8:15 AM"Forgotten God: Spiritual Gifts: Part 2"Josh Ross
1st8:15 AM"Forgotten God: Spiritual Gifts Part 1"Josh Ross
August 2013 [VIDEO]
25th8:15 AM"Foregotten God: The Spirit Reveals"Josh Ross
18th8:15 AM"Forgotten God: Supplied by the Spirit for Purposeful Life"Josh Ross
11th8:15 AM"Forgotten God: Grieving the Holy Spirit"Josh Ross
4th8:15 AM"Forgotten God: When the Spirit Says GO"Josh Ross
July 2013 [VIDEO]
28th8:15 AM"Forgotten God: The Spirit Fights for Us"Josh Ross
21st8:15 AM"Forgotten God: Reimagining Life & Freedom"Eric Wilson
14th8:15 AM"Spiritual Intubation"Mike Cope
7th8:15 AM"Forgotten God: Healthy Fear"Josh Ross
June 2013 [VIDEO]
30th8:15 AM"Forgotten God Finding Rest in the Spirt"Josh Ross
23rd8:15 AM"Forgotten God: The Act of the Spirit"Josh Ross
16th8:15 AM"Forgotten God: Is the Holy Spirit Pentecostal?"Josh Ross
9th8:15 AM"Forgotten God: The Holy Spirit is a Gift to the Entire World"Josh Ross
2nd8:15 AM"Celebrate Recovery"Mac & Mary Owen
May 2013 [VIDEO]
28th6:30 PM"Tricia Lilliard Celebration"Various Speakers
26th8:15 AM"Forgotten God - Our Advocate"Josh Ross
19th8:15 AM"Forgotten God: Fruit of the Spirit"Jim Hinkle
12th8:15 AM"Restoring the Holy Spirit: Forgotten God 2"Josh Ross
5th8:15 AM"Restoring the Holy- Forgotten God"Chris Seidman
April 2013 [VIDEO]
28th5:00 PM"Restore Sunday Night"Josh Ross
28th8:15 AM"Restore Sunday Morning"Josh Ross
21st8:15 AM"Equipped for God's Vision"Josh Ross
14th8:15 AM"Baby Celebration Sunday"Josh Ross
7th8:15 AM"Cornerstone: Little Versions of the Big Story"Josh Ross
March 2013 [VIDEO]
31st8:15 AM"Cornerstone: Living Restoration"Josh Ross
24th8:15 AM"Cornerstone: Once A Branch ... Always A Branch"Josh Ross
17th8:15 AM"Cornerstone: The WAY for Troubled Hearts"Josh Ross
10th8:15 AM"Cornerstone: What Makes Our Shepherd GOOD?"Josh Ross
3rd8:15 AM"Cornerstone: Obsessed with the Light"Josh Ross
February 2013 [VIDEO]
24th8:15 AM"Cornerstone: Bread of Life"Eric Wilson
17th8:15 AM"Cornerstone: A Marriage that Last Forever"Josh Ross
10th8:15 AM"Cornerstone: Judge of the Living and the Dead"Josh Ross
3rd8:15 AM"Cornerstone: Jesus Identifies with our Weakness"Josh Ross
January 2013 [VIDEO]
27th8:15 AM"Cornerstone: Who is This Man?"Josh Ross
20th8:15 AM"Cornerstone: Rabbi, It is Good for Us to Be Here"Eric Wilson
13th8:15 AM"Vision Needs Its Cornerstone"Josh Ross
6th8:15 AM"A Life Worth Living"Josh Ross