2014 Sermon Video Files

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December 2014 [VIDEO]
28thCLASS"Wrapping Up Walk This Way"Todd Collier
28th11:00 AM"Joy to the World-If God Had Not Been With Us"Mark Taylor
21st8:15 AM"Joy to the World- The Baby Blessing Mary Never Expected"Josh Ross
14th8:15 AM"Joy to the World-Joy Through Faithfulness"Josh Ross
7th8:15 AM"Joy to the World-God of Surprises"Josh Ross
November 2014 [VIDEO]
30th8:15 AM"Heaven Comes Home: Waiting on Hope"Josh Ross
23rd8:15 AM"The Amen and the Yes"Eric Wilson
16th8:15 AM"Heaven Comes Home: Living the Hallelujah"Josh Ross
9th8:15 AM"Heaven Comes Home: Lamb Power"Josh Ross
2nd8:15 AM"Heaven Comes Home: Never Again"Josh Ross
October 2014 [VIDEO]
26th8:15 AM"Heaven Comes Home: Can HE Get a Witness?"Josh Ross
19th11:00 AM"Heaven Comes Home: Preemptive Love"Josh Ross & Jeremy Courtney
12th11:00 AM"Heaven Comes Home: The Church Overcomes"Josh Ross
5th8:15 AM"Heaven Come Home: Take, Eat, Speak!"Eric Wilson
September 2014 [VIDEO]
28th8:15 AM"Heaven Comes Home: The Centered Throne"Josh Ross
21st8:15 AM"Heaven Comes Home: Not Afraid of Jesus"Josh Ross
14th8:15 AM"Heaven Comes Home: Not About the Bad Guys"Josh Ross
7th8:15 AM"Heaven Comes Home: Revelation is Today"Josh Ross
August 2014 [VIDEO]
31st10:10 AM"A Shock to the System"Eric Wilson
24th10:10 AM"Heaven Comes Home"Rick Atchley
17th10:10 AM"Re Entry: The Gift of Re Entry"Josh Ross
10th10:10 AM"Re-Entry: Reawakening Hearts for God"Josh Ross
3rd10:10 AM"Re-Entry: When Restoring is Better Than New"Josh Ross
July 2014 [VIDEO]
27th10:10 AM"Re-Entry: Wired for Relationship"Josh Ross
20th10:10 AM"Re-Entry: God is Enough"Josh Ross
13th8:15 AM"Re-Entry: Community"Mark Taylor
6th10:10 AM"Re-Entry: The River, a house, and Righteousness"Josh Ross
June 2014 [VIDEO]
29th10:10 AM"Re-Entry: Mind the Gap"Eric Wilson
22nd10:10 AM"Position Paper on Gender Roles"Elders
22nd10:10 AM"Helping People See Jesus"Josh Ross
15th10:10 AM"Engaging Scripture and Culture Part 2"Josh Ross
15thCLASS"Gender Roles Part 2"Tommy Collier
8th10:10 AM"Engaging Scripture and Culture"Joshua Ross
8thCLASS"Combined Class Gender Roles"Various Speakers
1st10:10 AM"Re-Entry: Children of Light"Josh Ross
May 2014 [VIDEO]
25th10:10 AM"Re-Entry: The Rhythm of Jesus Part 2"Josh Ross
18th10:10 AM"Senior Sunday 2014"Josh Ross
11th8:15 AM"Re-Entry: Leaving Boats"Josh Ross
4th10:10 AM"Re-Entry"Josh Ross
April 2014 [VIDEO]
27th8:15 AM"When God Plants Trees"Josh Ross
20th8:15 AM"Hope Wins"Josh Ross
13th8:15 AM"No Longer Dead"Josh Ross
6th8:15 AM"A Broken Beautiful"Josh Ross
March 2014 [VIDEO]
30th8:15 AM"The Hope of Glory"Josh Ross
23rd8:15 AM"More Than Chasing Rabbits"Josh Ross
16th8:15 AM"The Existence of God"Josh Ross
9th8:15 AM"Hopefools: When Faith Dies"Josh Ross
2nd8:15 AM"Connecting to Jesus' Mission"Josh Ross/Eric Wilson
February 2014 [VIDEO]
23rd8:15 AM"Collaborative Faith"Eric Wilson
16th8:15 AM"Preparing to March"Josh Ross
9th8:15 AM"Relationships Set Right"Josh Ross
2ndClass"Dicipleship in the Gospel of Mark Part 5"John Mark Hicks
2nd8:15 AM"Loving Like Christ"Josh Ross
January 2014 [VIDEO]
26thCLASS"Discipleship in the Gospel of Mark Part 4"John Mark Hicks
26th11:00 AM"Living Lightly"Josh Ross
19thCLASS"Discipleship in the Gospel of Mark Part 3"John Mark Hicks
19th8:15 AM"To the Year of Our Lord's Favor"John Mark Hicks
12thClass"Discipleship in the Gospel of Mark Part 2"John Mark Hicks
12th8:15 AM"Why Jubilee is Good"Josh Ross
5thClass"Discipleship in the Gospel of Mark Part 1"John Mark Hicks
5th11:00 AM"You Crown the Year"Josh Ross