2016 Sermon Video Files

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December 2016
25th10:15 AM"The Arrival"Josh Ross
23rd10:15 AM"TBD"Josh Ross
18th10:15 AM"Our Humble God"Josh Ross
11th10:15 AM"God is in the Waiting"Josh Ross
4th10:15 AM"Word Became Flesh Part 1"Josh Ross
November 2016
27th10:15 AM"Allegiance: Finding God"Jonathan Storment
20th10:15 AM"Allegiance Part 3: Prayers of the People"Josh Ross
13th10:15 AM"Allegiance: Allegiance to God's Mission"Josh Ross
6th10:15 AM"Allegiance: Devotion to God's Heart and Mission"Josh Ross
October 2016
3oth10:15 AM"Global God Part 4"Mark Taylor
23rd10:15 AM"Kingdom Circles"Josh Ross
16th10:15 AM"(not ready) A Light to the Nations"Josh Ross
9th10:15 AM"For God So Loved The World"Josh Ross
2nd10:15 AM"The Difference Jesus Makes"Jim Hinkle
September 2016
25th10:15 AM"Peace-Receivers Are Peace-Makers"Josh Ross
18th10:15 AM"Blessed Are the Pure in Heart"Seth King
11th10:15 AM"Blessed Are the Meek: Meek In, Meek Out"Josh Ross
4th10:15 AM"Right Relatedness: Blessed are those who hunger & thirst for righteousness"Josh Ross
August 2016
28th10:15 AM"Upside Down Kingdom: Blessed are the Meek"Josh Ross
21st10:15 AM"ACHING VISIONARIES:Blessed Are Those Who Mourn"Josh Ross
14th10:15 AM"Altered"Josh Ross
7th10:15 AM"Not Ready"Josh Ross
July 2016
31st10:15 AM"The Heart of the Matter"Rmani Crawford
24th10:15 AM"I Am... Jonah"Trent Williamson
17th10:15 AM"Get Up and Go"Josh Ross
10th10:15 AM"Peacemakers"Josh Ross
10th10:15 AM"Despair and Hope"Rmani Crawford
3rd10:15 AM"Running from God"Rmani Crawford & Josh Ross
June 2016
26th10:15 AM"From the Chuppah "Josh Ross
19th10:15 AM"Walking Temples"Josh Ross
12th10:15 AM"Image Bearers"Josh Ross
5th10:15 AM"Church on a Mission"Rmani Crawford
May 2016
29th10:15 AM"Resurrection Transforms Allegiance"Josh Ross
22nd10:15 AM"Senior Sunday 2016"Jim Hinkle
22nd10:15 AM"Running IN From His Arms"Josh Ross
15th10:15 AM"RESURRECTION: Good News for the Church"Josh Ross
8th10:15 AM"Baptism, why Bother?"Josh Ross
1st10:15 AM"Arise: Christ for me ... And for the World!"Josh Ross
April 2016
24th10:15 AM"Arise: The Groans of Creation"Josh Ross
17th10:15 AM"Arise: The Difference Resurrection Makes"Josh Ross
10th10:15 AM"Arise: When Resurrection Starts Riots"Josh Ross
3rd10:15 AM"Arise: Introduction"Josh Ross
March 2016
27th10:15 AM"Evil Disarmed"Josh Ross
25th6:30 PM"Good Friday"Josh Ross
20th10:15 AM"Sinning Like a Christian"Josh Ross
13th10:15 AM"In Need of Repair"Josh Ross
6th10:15 AM"From the Shadows"Josh Ross
February 2016
28th10:15 AM"Reversing the Curse of Sin"Josh Ross
21st10:15 AM"Jesus and Comeback Stories"Josh Ross
14th10:15 AM"Jesus Came to Ruin Sin"Josh Ross
7th10:15 AM"Living Commitment"Various Speakers
January 2016
31st10:15 AM"TBD"Josh Ross
24th10:15 AM"TBD"Josh Ross
17th10:15 AM"1910: What's Your Sycamore View?"Jim Hinkle
17th10:15 AM"New Arrivals Blessing"Various Speakers
10thCLASS"Combined Class"Jim Hinkle
10th10:15 AM"1910: Victory Obstacles"Josh Ross
3rd8:15 AM"1910"Josh Ross