2017 Sermon Video Files

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December 2017
31st10:15 AM"In the New Year"Jim Hinkle
24th10:15 AM"Rekindled Hope"Josh Ross
17th10:15 AM"Rekindled: Uncertain Surrender"Josh Ross
10th10:15 AM"Rekindled: Walking With Fire"Josh Ross
3rd10:15 AM"Rekindled"Josh Ross
November 2017
26th10:15 AM"Christians Make the Best atheists"Jonathan Storment
19th10:15 AM"Healthy Gratitude"Josh Ross
12th10:15 AM"Living Spirit: This is Us"Josh Ross
5th10:15 AM"Living Spirit: The Bigger Picture"Josh Ross
October 2017
29th10:15 AM"Living Spirit: The Spirit Unmuted"Josh Ross
22nd10:15 AM"Living Spirit: Hope Hunting"Josh Ross
15th10:15 AM"Living Spirit: More Than A Number"Mark Taylor
8th10:15 AM"Living Spirit: Fearless Children, Not Fearful Slaves"Josh Ross
1st10:15 AM"Living Spirit: Liberated Tension"Josh Ross
September 2017
24th10:15 AM"Resuscitation or Resurrection"Luke Nortworthy
17th10:15 AM"Living Spirit: Introduction"Josh Ross
10th10:15 AM"Choosing Purpose in the Pain"Jim Hinkle
3rd10:15 AM"Reentry: Roots and Rhythm"Josh Ross
July 2017
27th10:15 AM"Reentry: Traveling from Darkness into Light"Josh Ross
20th10:15 AM"Ekkelsia: Bread, Wine, Sweat & Blood"Josh Ross
13th10:15 AM"Ekkelsia: Taking Aim"Josh Ross
6th10:15 AM"Ekklesia: The Church That Gathers and Scatters"Josh Ross
July 2017
30th10:15 AM"A Movement of Restoration"Mark Taylor, Patrick Parson, Jenna King, & Justin Ardrey
23rd10:15 AM"Streams: God in the Now"Josh Ross
16th10:15 AM"Streams: Let Justice Roll"Josh Ross
9th10:15 AM"No Video"TBD
2nd10:15 AM"Discovering the Spirit-Empowerment Life"Collin Packer
June 2017
25th10:15 AM"Streams: The Pursuit of Holiness"Josh Ross
18th10:15 AM"Streams: Wading Into Fresh Waters of Faith"Josh Ross
11th10:15 AM"Core: We Have All Tried"Mark Taylor
4th10:15 AM"Core: Side by Side"Jim Hinkle
May 2017
28th10:15 AM"Core: Craving God"Josh Ross
21st10:15 AM"Core: How to Read the Bible"Josh Ross
14th10:15 AM"Core: A Mother's Day for All People"Josh Ross & Kayci Ross
7th10:15 AM"Risk: Risking for Jesus, Because He Risked for Us"Josh Ross
April 2017
30th10:15 AM"Risk: The Greatest Risk of All"Josh Ross
23rd10:15 AM"Risk: Jesus Rose from the Grave, Now What?"Josh Ross
16th10:15 AM"Risk: The Greatest Risk of All"Josh Ross
9th10:15 AM"Risk: Jesus, the Church, and Competing Emotions"Josh Ross
2nd10:15 AM"Risk: Risky Prayers"Josh Ross
March 2017
26th10:15 AM"Risk: Risky Obedience"Josh Ross
19th10:15 AM"Risk: Practicing Sacrifice"Josh Ross
12th10:15 AM"Risk: Faith in the Chaos"Josh Ross
5th10:15 AM"Risk: Our God Who Takes Chances"Josh Ross
February 2017
26th10:15 AM"Grow: Why Church Growth Matters to God"Josh Ross
19th10:15 AM"Grow: Blending Stucture & Spontaneity"Josh Ross
12th10:15 AM"Grow: Got Milk?"Josh Ross
5th10:15 AM"Grow: Growing Pains"Josh Ross
January 2017
29th10:15 AM" No video Recorded"TBD
22nd10:15 AM"Grow: Christmas Trees & Fruit Trees"Josh Ross
15th10:15 AM"Grow: Cultivating Fruit"Josh Ross
8th10:15 AM"Grow: Cultivating a Life of Spiritual Maturity"Josh Ross
1st10:15 AM"New Year Same God"Josh Ross