2019 Sermon Video Files

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Some Videos used during the service and as a part of the sermon can be found under Special Events.

29th10:15 AM"TBD"Josh Ross
22nd10:15 AM"TBD"Josh Ross
15th10:15 AM"No Turning Back: Focused Attention"Josh Ross
8th10:15 AM"No Turning Back: Introduction"Josh Ross
1st10:15 AM"Pulse: Work, Stress, & Finding Purpose"Josh Ross
25th10:15 AM"Pulse: Dancing at the Table"Josh Ross
18th10:15 AM"Pulse: The Need for Connection"Josh Ross
11th10:15 AM"Pulse: Gauging Spiritual Health"Josh Ross
4th10:15 AM"Missions Celebration: We Remember What We Celebrate"Josh Ross
JULY 2018
28th10:15 AM"More Than A Name: Maintaining Love & The Consequences of Love"Jim Hinkle
21st10:15 AM"More Than A Name: Abound in Love Faithfulness"Jenna & Seth King
14th10:15 AM"More Than A Name: The Compassionate and Gracious God"Stoney Ramsey
7th10:15 AM"More Than A Name: The Lord, The Lord"Mark Powell
JUNE 2018
30th10:15 AM"More Than A Name: God's Glorious, Gracious Presence"Kip Long
23rd10:15 AM"More Than A Name: Introduction"Josh Ross
16th10:15 AM"Why Worship & Service Need Each Other"Josh Ross
9th10:15 AM"Encounter & Assignment"Josh Ross
2nd10:15 AM"Heart and Hands"Josh Ross
MAY 2018
26th10:15 AM"Fearless As We Step Into The Arena"Josh Ross
17th10:15 AM"Fearless With Technology"Josh Ross & Sarah Brooks
12th10:15 AM"Fearless in Prayer"Josh Ross
5th10:15 AM"Fearless: Introduction"Josh Ross
APRIL 2018
28th10:15 AM"When The End Isn't The End"Josh Ross
21st10:15 AM"This Changes Everything"Josh Ross
14th10:15 AM"The Path of the Cross: The Final 24"Josh Ross
7th10:15 AM"A New Dead Tree"Kyle Taylor & Cindy Cogbill
MARCH 2018
31st10:15 AM"The Path of the Cross: Unlikely Heroes"Josh Ross
24th10:15 AM"The Path of the Cross: Staying Awake for God"Josh Ross
17th10:15 AM"The Path of the Cross: Introduction"Josh Ross
10th10:15 AM"If Moses Had An Iphone"Mark Taylor
3rd10:15 AM"Taboo: Immigration, the Church, and Why It Matters"Josh Ross
February 2018
24th10:15 AM"VIP Treatment"Jim Hinkle
17th10:15 AM"Taboo: Mental Health, the Church, and Why It Matters"Josh Ross
10th10:15 AM"Taboo: #churchtoo, #metoo, and Why It Matters"Josh Ross
3rd10:15 AM"Taboo: Introduction"Josh Ross
January 2018
28th10:15 AM"Priorities: Establishing A New Identity"Josh Ross
21st10:15 AM"Priorities: Following with the Heart"Josh Ross
14th10:15 AM"Priorities: Setting the Pace"Josh Ross
7th10:15 AM"Priorities: Introduction"Josh Ross